Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just want to say Hello

Hi there,

As my information bar says I am a first time mammy who is expecting a beautiful little Boy.

Tomorrow I turn 24 weeks pregnant 6MONTHS WOWZSERS!!

It's remarkable how fast the past 24 weeks have gone even with the many ups and downs when I lay on the couch, where I am right now feeling this little man kick and flick (hence the blog name) it makes it all seem worth every moment of it.

Pregnancy itself is an amazing time, stressful yet peaceful, numbing yet you are full of emotions but one thing pregnancy is, is a gift.

Two weeks ago I was hospilitised with due to suffering contractions which the doctors taught was me going into Pre-term Labour. Nothing is more scarring then the feeling of this is it, I may lose him , how can I mess this up. I remember sitting in the ambulance on the way to the Maternity Hospital thinking I now need to fight the hardest I have ever fought because this guy deserves the chance to hear sounds, feel touch and see how loved he is.

I was soon diagnosed with gallstones and a underlying kidney broken, I also have some bacteria.
I have heard that in America Doctors will operate on such cases, however in Ireland they wont operate unless they really really have to. I am waiting to see a surgeon to see what they decide.

This blog will be my place to chat, waffle and express and I hope some of you will join me on my journey.

Kicks and Flicks,

Becky and Prince Charming.